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10 Things That Require Zero Talent

Don’t get bitter, get better!

Throughout my career, hundreds of colleagues, friends and/or students come to me for advice.  Most often in a time of need. Often dealing with rising stress and frustration in their life. Seeking ways to improve their situation, their well being and their performance.

My answer is consistent, I always start by suggesting that you focus on the factors that you can control. Learn to control your role in any relationship. Control your thoughts, self-talk, and your reactions to emotional triggers.

If you are anything like me, a lack of control creates feelings of helplessness and unrest.

Focus on things you can control, and put your worries at rest.

You don’t have to take my word for it. Eric Thomas, a top motivational speaker, a.k.a. “the hip-hop preacher” shares his thoughts in the video below.

Many people are looking for a quick fix. Or using factors outside their control as self limiting beliefs and excuses. Too many people have made the mistake believing a college degree will make you a professional.

There are more worthless and unused college degrees than people actually using them as intended.  I’m not anti-college, I am pro education. But lack of work experience and occupational exploration is compounding the student debt problem and the inefficiency of a college education.

I am no different. I have two degrees that I don’t use today. But the skills and knowledge I gained is transferable. Each degree lead to a job in the field, because I applied myself to gain more experience than my colleagues. Within 3 years in each position, I moved on to find positions better suited for the entrepreneur in me.

What is different is my preparation, effort, attitude, work ethic. My ability to look outside the box for roles that fit my talents more than my degree differentiated me. I took on jobs that challenged me to grow. With time I found opportunities that compensate me better and provide more professional gratification.

10 Things you have complete control of and can improve immediately:

  1. Being On Time (Punctual)
  2. Work Ethic (Routines, follow-through, feedback)
  3. Effort (how hard you work)
  4. Body Language (non verbal communication accounts for @80% of a message)
  5. Energy
  6. Attitude (optimistic, problem solver, compliant)
  7. Passion
  8. Being Coachable (willingness to learn)
  9. Doing Extra (extra responsibility)
  10. Preparation

**SUCCESS HACK: Learn to leverage your fears to push you forward, instead of holding you back.

Whether you are a student, parent, employee, boss or leader, transferable skills are practical, and applicable in everyday life.  These skills are common among the healthier, happier, and more successful members of our communities.

CollegeCPR can help you boost your college success, sharpen your skills, or increase your career trajectory!

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