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Ten Insightful Quotes (and Great Leadership Lessons) From Seth Godin

Why bother searching through the usual list of famous quotes when one man, Seth Godin, shares plenty of insight on business, marketing, and leadership.   A Buffalo success story, Seth Godin is a renowned author, master marketer, and a thought leader. Seth’s family are Buffalonians vested in the community.  Seth’s heartfelt introductions from his sister, […]

W.A.I.T. Mindset Is The Top Optimization Tip To Improve Every Meeting

First I will address mindset. Employee mindset training can transform the flow and outcomes of your meetings. mindset: the established set of attitudes held by someone. Teams we train to implement the W.A.I.T. mindset see significant improvements in effectiveness, efficiency, and impact of their meetings on the bottom line. Our TOP Time Optimization Tip: W.A.I.T. […]

Manufacturing is big business in WNY: These 6 blogs will help you stay current.

You may, or may not realize, but manufacturing is one of the three industries in the greater Buffalo area with the most job opportunity. You probably didn’t know that WNY college/universities graduate: 4000 more teachers per year than there are jobs 3000 more business management professionals than there are jobs WNY and other blue collar […]

CollegeCPR coaches girls about STEM careers at Tech Savvy event

March 18, 2017 CollegeCPR spent the day at University at Buffalo for Tech Savvy, speaking with girls (Grade 6-12) and parents about STEM careers and college preparation activities. What did we enjoy most?  Our conversations with students and parents about career exploration, college preparation and ways to overcome the common challenges faced by today’s college student.  We […]

4 Reasons to Optimize your LinkedIn Profile

REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD BE ON LINKEDIN AND YOU SHOULD OPTIMIZE YOUR PROFILE “Linked In is not a platform to forget about it. Microsoft purchased for 26 billion dollars so they won’t let it slide away” “It’s the go-to platform for professionals, particularly in B2B space.” “Pay attention to your personal brand on social networks. Current or […]

The Secret and Power of Connecting

The Secret and Power of Connecting Networking VS Connecting Networking: interact with other people to exchange information and develop contacts, especially to further one’s career. There are plenty of events/groups that will produce little to no return. Connecting: join together so as to provide access and communication; provide or have a link or relationship with; […]

Employees stay when they are:

As a business or organization, your most important assets are not your clients. Its your employees. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of your clients and enable optimal profit and growth. Happy employees are productive employees. Statistics show that up to 60% of employees have considered another job in the […]

Student debt cripples the next generation of entrepreneurs

Student Debt cripples the future and the options available to the next generation. A growing percentage of young people say they want to be entrepreneurs. Which is good news because SMB is driving the growth of the US economy. However, a 2014 Forbes article stated, The Fall of Young Entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship rates among people Age 20-34 […]