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Employer-Employee Gap Widens

The workforce is changing

Leaders who learn the personalities and motivations of younger generations will thrive

Yesterday, I had a conversation with a VP at a regional bank.

They recently interviewed a millennial, an internal candidate with 1 year experience in a teller role. Applying for a new role, they described there motivation as a stepping stone to a back office job, mentioning seeing themselves in the position for one year.

The applicant never made comment about performance in the current role and reasons why they are best for the job. They felt entitled to the position because one year tenure, as am ‘average’ employee in the prior role.


This applies to so many of us as:

Parents, Coaches, Teachers, Professors, Employers

Smart organizations invest in programming to engage younger workers and encourage diversity appreciation in the workplace

Smart parents invest in their children’s occupational exploration, personal growth, and career development,

PARENTS:  This is your answer 

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