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How prospects find you on LinkedIn…

A while back LinkedIn came out with a new feature that I initially didn’t put much stock into.

It’s called Search Appearances and it was initially positioned as an insights tool for job seekers to see what search keywords other LinkedIn members were using to come across their profile.

But while the original context was for finding a job, this tool is even more powerful for business owners who use LinkedIn for prospecting and lead generation.

Here’s how. Use your “Search Appearances” data to update your profile with additional keywords and business information to improve the serviceability of your LinkedIn profile.

Because the more prospects that see your profile, the more potential sales opportunities you have.

You can find your “Search Appearance” in your dashboard below the header section of your profile. This is my dashboard for 10/31-11/7:


As you drill down into your search appearances you see more detail, where searchers work, searcher titles, and keywords searchers used

The first step of any LinkedIn lead gen campaign is optimizing and polishing your profile. Use this information as a good place to start. But keep in mind, optimizing your profile is just the start. From there, it takes proactive effort to get consistent leads and clients.

This article shares Six Reasons to Optimize your LinkedIn Profile

If you’d like to skip all the trial and error, we can optimize your profile, build out your authority platform, map out and execute on your messaging campaigns, and do all of the ongoing, consistent, daily work FOR you…generating an ongoing stream of sales appointments for you or your team every month.

Aside from some initial discovery meetings with your account manager on my team, all you have to do is take the appointments. We can do all the rest.

Or we will teach you to do it yourself.

If this is something you’d like to hear more about, click here to book a planning call with me to put together a customized plan for your business.

If you’re looking at your goals right now…and you know that you need more leads and clients to hit your numbers…

…we should talk.

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