Is Reader Engagement the Right Goal? by Mike Spence @askspence

Why is Reader Engagement my new goal?  The last year I have experimented with blogging and I analyzed the results.

What I did:  I published on a number of mediums. I sought out mentors to learn best practices from. I wrote about a variety of topics. I analyzed the results. I took a deep dive into topics, trends, and visual aids. I evaluated what short comings could be holding me back (there are several).

By no means am I an expert blogger, I’m still “green” at curating content.  But I like to think I am wise enough to learn from experience and data.  Based on my first year of experience, I recently shifted focus…in addition to publishing valuable content and telling a story with emotional value that resonates with the readers…my first and PRIMARY GOAL is now reader engagement.

Goal: Each post stimulates reader engagement, encourages interaction, collects data, and provides a platform for meaningful discussion to continue.

Objectives:  I want to ….

  • know how other people feel about similar topics
  • hear your solutions to common problems many readers face
  • understand conflicting view points
  • help address the issues that matter most to my readers
  • learn from my readers
  • share in your experience and show you are not alone
  • inspire/motivate/educate/support my readers

Why is my goal reader (user) engagement?: One of the single best business practices I learned studying innovation and entrepreneurship is to emerge yourself in the user experience. Talk with users, put your product in the hands of users, gather/analyze data, listen and respond to feedback with desirable and engaging content.

“As user feedback should drive product development, reader engagement should drive content development.

Purpose:  Helping others to be the best version of themselves is something I am passionate about.  In life, we all face a diverse range of challenges and struggles. Having faced, navigated, and overcome adversity in a variety of scenarios, my stories of challenge & struggle are tied to actions that helped me successfully overcome many of life’s hurdles. I hope they help you too!

CALL TO ACTION…Engage with me by responding to one of the questions below

  1. Is reader engagement an outcome worth pursuing? Why or why not.
  2. Do you have a better idea?  If yes, please share.   (I am a student first, teacher second)
  3. What topic do you wish to read more about?
  4. Please share a specific challenge you are facing?

Topics: Parenting, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Sales Leadership, Career Development and Planning, Career Transitions, Technology, Telecom, Cloud, Data Center

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