Top Quotes from Glassdoor Summit: Employer Branding and Recruiting

Successful companies understand how important it is hire right. Today. more than ever, candidates need balance.

Feedback from HR and employers is very important to help equip and prepare job candidates to make an impact. Candidates need to research employers to understand their mission, priorities, and culture. All before applying for a role.

Strong candidates have the hard skill sets AND are a cultural fit for the team and the company brand. They are informed.

More importantly, how does a job applicant articulate your value to the hiring manager?

Streaming this event reinforced my infatuation with learning technology.

Using elearning and video conferencing anyone can connect with a larger audience.

EVENT: Glassdoor Summit, Employer Branding and Recruiting

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The Summit hosts over 600 attendees and a virtual audience of more than 10,000 from across the globe.

Dynamic leaders, seasoned practitioners and industry influencers  share their stories. Check out a few of the heavy hitters scheduled to present at this year’s event.

  • Arianna Huffington, Founder, The Huffington Post and Founder and CEO of Thrive Global
  • Lucia Luce Quinn, Chief People Officer, Forerester
  • Rusty Rueff, Former EVP of HR at EA and PepsiCo
  • J.T. O’Donnell, Founder & CEO, Work It Daily
  • View the full speaker list

Coaching happens all the time — it can be a quick chat in the hallway.

Point being, employees need direction and performance feedback.

“Feedback is a gift. Listen and learn.”

Measure progress, encourage creative problem solving, and engage the minds of your team to unleash their human capital.

The data supports smart hiring. Hiring the right people cuts costs, improves culture, and reduces turnover and turmoil.

strong employer branding, reduce staff turnover

Hire remarkably smart people who are passionate about your mission

and care about the people you employ & the problems you solve.

Never compromise.



Some key quotes from today’s event:

  • “A lot of focus around diversity and inclusion”
  • “CEO’s read Glassdoor comments”
  • “HR needs to speak the language of the business with the CEO”
  • “Communication is key once again.” – Lucia Quinn of @Forrester
  • “Meetings start with customer comments, followed by glassdoor comments” – Lucia Quinn
  • “Culture is a business priority. Culture is a marketing tool for retaining top talent.”
  • “Human capital is what companies appreciate.”
  • “Your greatest asset is your people.”
  • “Employees love to be mentioned in the context of the work they’re doing.” @StacyZapar
  • @Ericsson Places strong focus on building a diverse and inclusive work culture.”
  • Never stop learning.

CollegeCPR helps accelerate professional success. through guided activities on occupational exploration, skill development, and career coaching.

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Schoold is the “fastest growing app in higher education!”

Schoold is the “fastest growing app in higher education!”

CollegeCPR recommends Schoold as the preferred College Search App.

Discover new schools, get advice, and apply for scholarships.

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This app can turn months of college research into a 20 minute search.

Even better is that they help you find available scholarships. Tuition hikes and changes in financial aid make it harder to find funding. Parents and students are looking for creative and alternative ways to fund college. SchoolD helps connect students with scholarships and make informed college choices.

Here is an alarming stat.

  • In America the average ratio of school counselors to students is 1:472.
  • 73% of schools lack a dedicated college counselor.

At CollegeCPR, we help guide parents and students through occupational exploration and career coaching.  We educate and encourage ongoing dialogue between students, their parents and student support services. We partner with education organizations and institutions with complementary services that improve student success.

We bridge the gap between H.S. graduation, college success and job attainment. Through guided activities and one-on-one video coaching we personalize the outcomes for each students goal. Leveraging distance learning technology and tools to provide global reach with a personal touch!

We would love to help you.


Find out why @HuffPo says Schoold is the “fastest growing app in higher education!!”

Paying for college can be hard, finding a scholarship shouldn’t be! @schooldapp will help:

Employer-Employee Gap Widens

The workforce is changing

Leaders who learn the personalities and motivations of younger generations will thrive

Yesterday, I had a conversation with a VP at a regional bank.

They recently interviewed a millennial, an internal candidate with 1 year experience in a teller role. Applying for a new role, they described there motivation as a stepping stone to a back office job, mentioning seeing themselves in the position for one year.

The applicant never made comment about performance in the current role and reasons why they are best for the job. They felt entitled to the position because one year tenure, as am ‘average’ employee in the prior role.


This applies to so many of us as:

Parents, Coaches, Teachers, Professors, Employers

Smart organizations invest in programming to engage younger workers and encourage diversity appreciation in the workplace

Smart parents invest in their children’s occupational exploration, personal growth, and career development,

PARENTS:  This is your answer 

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Should every college student learn a CRM?

Who should learn a CRM?

Not every student. But any student that could end up working in business with a sales function (just about all of them).  Anyone in a customer facing business role, or a support function of the client works in a CRM. Enterprise companies and savvy SMB’s manage sales funnels in a CRM. Enterprise’s often staff full-time CRM developers.

A few popular CRM’s are: Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, SugarCRM, and many others

What is CRM?

Customer relationship management (CRM) is not just the application of technology, but is a strategy to learn more about customers’ needs and behaviors in order to develop stronger relationships with them.

Why does CRM matter?

Centralize customer data, remote access, field sales, remote workers, distributed workforce,

A CRM provides a 360 degree view of all customer data, sales funnel activity, sales to date, and inactive

How does CRM work?

Essentially, CRM works by collecting leads or consumer information, analyzing the collected information to understand customer or market requirements, and adjusting marketing campaigns accordingly to increase sales.

CRM also serves customer service and support divisions– by making business interactions more efficient and improving customer satisfaction as a consequence.

From Good to GREAT: CRM mastery for business growth

Mastering the reporting capabilities of a CRM gives 360 degree insight into the sales funnel, account base, and opportunity transparency of your sales team. This flattens the organization eliminating fluffy management roles. Applying more resources to selling activities, business growth, and employee development.

*As a manager or business owner, the last thing you want is to lose income by targeting the wrong customer segment, an indication for slender margins down the road. Client administration programs can provide you valuable intelligence about long-term sales trends, helping you adjust the existing corporate sales strategy and results tactics. For example, a five-year analysis of your janitorial services company’s sales data shows that income from car manufacturers is in decline, while revenue derived from the higher education sector is on the rise. Based on these results, you may decide to target universities and colleges more aggressively and gradually pull back from the auto sector.

  • Sales and Marketing Strategy
  • Client management – get more visibility into your client base, deploy tactics needed for long-term profitability, and formulate plans that propel your team into target markets.
  • Profitability Tracking: Funnel management and speedy bookkeeping system and more accurate financial reporting
  • Regulatory Compliance: An effective client policy enables small business owners to automate some business processes that were previously manual. This is a winning approach in the long-term, especially when it helps you comply with federal and state laws and industry standards. For example, you may not need to hire a team of compliance analysts to perform regulatory checks if you apply the correct settings to a CRM tool. You can instruct the tool to flag a high-risk client or generate the relevant documentation based on the client’s risk score.


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