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College in today’s digital age has not been able to keep up with the pace of change—but you don’t need to get left behind. Success lies in stepping above all of the clutter and understanding the new path to college and career success.

CollegeCPR is based on 30+ years of advice and experience from educational leaders, employers, and students. Mike draws on his experience as a teacher, professor, administrator, coach, and sales manager to provide the career foresight you need be successful during college and post-graduation.

Using key principles, our team provides concrete, practical, real-world advice that anyone can use to increase personal productivity, college success, and career readiness…and become an exceptional professional.

Through guided learning activities, you will find at least five things you can start doing differently to improve your performance today.

Want to get a job after you graduate?  Want to have the best college experience?

Would you like to accelerate your success?

I promise you can.

Don’t waste enormous amounts of time, energy, and money on the wrong courses, majors, and career paths.

Before you spend another dollar on college credits, application fees, or a campus tour, take a step back.

Whether you’re a high school student, college student, or parent of a student, let CollegeCPR teach you how to thrive.

You are invited to join us.

Each month we guide 100 students through occupational exploration, college mapping and experiential learning activities.

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