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Breaking the mold, for higher ed to survive things must change

Higher ed is facing a major cross roads, the value of an education is severely discounted due to the disconnect between what business need and what education provides.

Colleges and universities need to start operating like a business, or they face down sizing, consolidation and extinction. Breaking the mold, for higher ed to survive things must change

Hard Truths About Higher Ed:

  • Students lack direction
  • Majority of graduates are not prepared for a career
  • Curriculum is outdated or not aligned with job outlooks
  • Many return for a masters degree to figure out and fix everything they failed to do in their first 4-5 years
  • Lots of paper degrees with minimal experience devalue education
  • Graduates are lacking the skills, experience, and connections needed

30 years ago you’d send your kid off to school, maybe they’d join a fraternity or sorority, then they’d come back home and get a real job.

Higher ed should prepare students to get good jobs and it should provide an environment in which they can find themselves socially.

CollegeCPR soft skill training and career coaching

Growing Gap Between What Businesses Need and What Education Provides

The Gap

Generation Z is the generation of students which is now graduating high school and moving into higher ed.

The gap between the millennial generation and the Z generation is as wide as the gap between baby boomers and the Z generation… so how higher education institutions think and operate has to be very different.”

This current generation is walking into a job market that supports a “gig economy” where there are more contract opportunities than ever before.  This generation has an entrepreneurial mindset and a large percentage of incoming students “have started their own business, they don’t want to work for anyone else.”

However, the slow-to-adapt nature of higher education is falling behind the needs of both students and the workforce, and therefore isn’t really helping anyone.

This is why CollegeCPR was founded, to educate higher ed leaders and empower students for professional success by bridging the gap between what businesses need and what education provides.


Breaking the Mold

Most universities are like elephants. They’re big, they’re slow, they’re bureaucratic, and they don’t want to change. This will be the death of of many education institutions.

Many traditional higher ed institutions are:

  • Focused on admissions and course registration, and not career goals
  • Inflexible
  • Not focused on student outcomes and placements
  • Paralyzed by process
  • Resistant to change
  • Status quo

Your institution can be different, as an educational leader, be a change agent.

As a student, you have many options. Choose an institution that is different.

Higher ed needs to break the mold and start operating like businesses.

Ways your institution can operate more like a business:

  • Be agile, competitive, innovative and scrappy
  • Be focused on user experience and customer outcomes, your customers being students
  • Embrace technologies and social media to engage your audience and advance learning
  • Partner with employers and industry associations to identify and fill hiring and skill gaps
  • Remove silo’s and tedious decision making process
  • Respond to market demands with products and services that are needed


Higher ed needs to be able to map the language of academia to the language of the job market.

There’s already a long tail of credentials that have no value with employers. Higher ed is administered based on the majors a school has available, forcing students to choose a path based on what’s being offered.

If education took an entrepreneurial mindset, they would approach higher education where employers are hurting — there are specific areas where the supply chain is failing them and they can’t get the talent they need. So identify those gaps and you might get a “credential” which is actually valuable to the workforce.

Imagine a flat organization of higher education that moves towards organizing around centers and institutes that immediately respond to the challenges of today, rather than boxing students in by majors.

Higher ed is still a good choice for most. Parents, students, and educational leaders have a greater responsibility to be proactive in making the college experience work.

Breaking the mold, for higher ed to survive things must change

CollegeCPR takes a tactical and practical approach to improve career exploration and planning. Providing a focus on extra curricular activities, service learning, and skill development that prepares students for professional success.


We train administrators, faculty and staff in coaching skills to help students succeed in college, career and life. We support both K12 and Higher Education institutions in creating a culture of coaching on campus through a variety of training and certification programs

Students (CollegeCPR)

We bridge the gap in career conversation through guided activities focusing on career exploration, personal strengths, and gaining the skills and experience to successful transition from student to professional.

Soft Skill Training for Everyone

Across all industries, employers and industry leaders are identifying soft as critical skills for both employees and job hunters. Yet, these core skills are relatively absent in the traditional education model. We teach this “missing curriculum” to help people become more employable and more effective leaders and contributors.


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