Can I Ask You A Question?

If the answer is YES, we have broken the ice and I have your attention.

This is a crucial moment, now you/I have one person, willing to give us one minute to hear us out.

What can you say in the first minute to get them to give you one more minute?


Good conversations are guided with a series of strategic and sequential questions. It’s good to get a series of small agreements (Yes’s) while finding out more of what the person needs.

Are you interested in learning how to ask better questions to get a YES?

                                                             “3 questions to why.”

Simple, sample questions

If a prospect told you what they want, where they struggle, and how you can help them.

How can you not help them?

Asking good questions creates a bigger opportunity to learn and connect with someone.  Questions generate conversation. Conversations builds rapport. Rapport leads to clear understanding and mutual respect. People buy from, hire, and promote people they like. Most often people who understand them and/or their business, and people they can talk to.

It all starts and ends with a question.

Do you think there is value in questioning?


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Inspiration: After finishing up a discovery appointment with the CFO of a mid market client, my engineer and I were debriefing when he said

“Mike, you ask better discovery questions than anyone I ever worked with!

I asked him to elaborate. He said something like, “You stay on task, keep the conversation flowing, and uncover the real challenges that the business faces.” Reflecting on the compliment I decided to write this post to help you.

I hope you use this to ask an extra question today and hopefully find you get a better answer.

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