CollegeCPR Tip: Volunteer (No really, do it)

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Do you want to stand out in the job search?

Are you looking for ways to differentiate yourself from the competition?

Consider this statistic from a recent survey.

“Deloitte : Survey Finds That a Mere 30 Percent of Resumes Include Volunteering, Despite the Known Benefits to Career Advancement”

When applying to college or a job, applicants with volunteer experience are 27% more likely to get in.

Is that a percentage you would like to swing in your favor?

Action Steps To Get Started Volunteering:

  1. Find a cause related to your career choice
  2. Find a cause related to your career of choice AND a cause you care about
  3. Find a local event and volunteer your time
  4. Start with an end goal in mind (Ask yourself: How can I get the most of this volunteering opportunity?)
  5. Take pictures, tag people, and share the event highlights with group organizers and people in your circle
  6. Make a personal follow-up to the top 1+ person you met
  7. Don’t forget to add it to your resume

Take the next step:

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CollegeCPR helps students with career mapping, and planning extracurricular activities that facilitate skill development, professional growth and your likelihood for career success post graduation.

The experience and relationships you gain through volunteer work and field experience boosts your professional marketability and gives you a story to tell.


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