If you think your kids aren’t fantasizing about calling the shots for once, you’re dreaming. The sweet independence of being your own boss is what entrepreneurship is all about. That’s why kids and entrepreneurialism are an excellent match. It practically comes natural to them.

My research on generations in the workforce shows just how confident these younger generations are. Remote workers, contract work, and consulting gigs are growing quickly. I have read that over 60% of millennials want to be their own boss. and 30% think they know the next Bill Gates 🙂

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But, like learning to tie their shoes or to ride a bike, when it comes to fostering your children’s entrepreneurial spirit, they’ll need a guiding nudge here and there from you. But you are in luck,another trait of these millennials is that they are closer to their parents than us Gen X’ers. They often look to mom or dad for answers around every corner. This could one reason College Dean’s have been quoted saying, “26 years old is the new 18.”

I don’t know about you, but to me, that is scary! Especially when we consider at 26, people are in more financial loan debt than some of their parents first mortgage.

From coaching them to see obstacles as opportunities, to – sorry, kids – making them stick to their chores, from letting them play (aka learn) to their hearts’ content, to encouraging them to voice their opinions, there are lots of things you can do to get your kiddos on their autonomous way.

To help you help yours, here’s an adorably illustrated list of eight key entrepreneurial skills you can teach your little ones, while they’re still little enough to listen to you. This infographic comes to us by way of Pumpic.

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8 Entrepreneurial Skills You Should Teach Your Kids

Entrepreneurial skills are the same talent as painting, dancing, sport makings etc. Thus, you can notice them in your kids at early stages and develop through their growing up. Below you will find some leadership activities for kids. They will help you teach your children creativity, self-confidence, positive thinking, and motivation, so that they could form the next generation of geniuses and leaders.

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Resilience – Innovation and Creativity – Industriousness

Curiosity – Self Confidence – Empathy

Optimism – Giving Back


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