The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Life

I’ve made something out of nothing my whole life. If you can do that, you’ve already won

In retrospect, it’s easy to see how lifes’s experiences shape our personal values and professional accomplishments.  Life taught me there is no substitute for hustle, heart and hard work!  I learned that a can-do attitude and hard work can take you far! Both factors you can control and will help you perform better and with less stress.  Below are a few things life taught me. Can you relate?

As a young teen, I suffered a traumatic loss which taught me life goes on and you must be resilient. This came in handy any time I came up short in life. I learned to reflect, regroup, and keep moving forward.

As a teen/college kid, I read more self-help and business articles than anything. For 20+ years, my all time favorite read is Inc. Magazine. Two books shaped my communication and time management style. The One Minute Manager and Leadership and the One Minute Manager, had a big impact in shaping by work ethic. By adapting the “best practices” from what I read, I developed life long skills. This is why I share Business Best Practices, with the hopes to help you develop your next skill!

Sports teaches you the value of being a team player. The importance of practice. And to lead, you should show mental toughness and emotional intelligence. Individual sports, like wrestling and boxing, instilled self control, discipline and being humble.

In college, I learned to be a resourceful, critical thinker, and use data to make decisions. Volunteer work, internships, and extra curricular activities are critical to your success. Building a professional network is key to successful career transitions. It is a great tool in screening potential employees (try before you buy).

Teaching taught me to be constructive, consistent, and complementary to get the best results. It also taught me to be a good student, to recognize talent in others, and to engage my audience.

The business world rewards self starters who are performance driven. With time, I developed into a natural team leader and a “closing machine.” Business taught me that “pivot” is not just a move in basketball, its a move in life.

Parenting taught me empathy, patience, responsibility, and balance. 5 parenting traits that can make you a better leader takes a look at five common traits.

Life is sure to throw you some curve balls. But if you work hard and can pivot, you will have time to create balance in your life.  Be healthy, stay organized, save time, set clear expecctations and communicate effecivetely. Most importantly smile, laugh, have some fun and enjoy your family!

In a single summary statement…

“Life taught me to stay sharp, stay humble, and stay hungry.”

Always be the hardest worker in the room...your success depends o it

Always be the hardest worker in the room…your success depends on it

Make a commitment to life long learning. Stay at the top of your game by learning from the successes and failures of those before you.

Please share this post and comment to help other readers.   What did life teach you about business?  What did business teach you about life?

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