Why Am I Talking? How to run an effective meeting

W.A.I.T. Mindset Is The Top Optimization Tip To Improve Every Meeting

First I will address mindset. Employee mindset training can transform the flow and outcomes of your meetings.

mindset: the established set of attitudes held by someone.

Teams we train to implement the W.A.I.T. mindset see significant improvements in effectiveness, efficiency, and impact of their meetings on the bottom line.

Our TOP Time Optimization Tip: W.A.I.T. a minute before you speak.  If everyone considered this, meetings would be much more effective

W.A.I.T. Instead of allowing one’s mind to wander during meetings, actively engage your brain to focus on another’s point. This way we become much more mindful of ourselves and those around us. Certainly W.A.I.T. and listen to other meeting participants then speak with greater meaning. It’s a both-side-of-the-coin exercise.

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